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Parents and Kids Agree!
The Red Auerbach International Basketball School is GREAT!
Check out some Actual comments received about the Camp:

"My son has attended many basketball camps including several that I have coached at. He LOVED the Red Auerbach Camp. He said it was just the right amount of playing vs. skill development. The coaches were a lot of fun and knowledgeable. He will definitely be back next year and looks forward to it. Thanks for giving him a meaningful week of basketball education and competition."
L. - Sudbury, MA

"I was one of those nervous (and crazy) parents leaving their kid for the first time, but I was so impressed that after I emailed you at 11:45 at night, within minutes you called me back. What better testament than that to their safety (even though you couldn't guarantee he wasn't kidnapped on the way from the cafeteria without knocking on his door at midnight ... ha ha ha). You made me feel a lot better when you responded to me right away."
L.R. Hyannis, MA

"Despite all of my concerns about sending my 12 year old son overnight for a week, it was the absolute best program for many reasons. Day camp programs don't even come close to working with the committed basketball player. We found the Auerbach school featured talented professional coaches with impressive backgrounds, passion for the game and a dedication to teaching youth. You can tell they genuinely care about the development of their players both on and off the court The chance to meet boys from Iceland, Israel and various parts of the US, along with the School's emphasis on the importance of schoolwork and education proved to be a real highlight for our son. The Auerbach School prides itself on the number of students who come back year after year which really impressed us and made us want to be part of the Red Auerbach "Family" for years to come."
M.R. Plymouth, MA

“Mr. Curley's heartfelt speech to the students on the final day reminding the boys of the difference they can make in the life of another simply by reaching out and saying hello or shaking their hand was moving, and I believe that kind of character surpasses anything one can do on any court, field or course, and having that kind of heart makes so much more possible on the court. As Red Auerbach said himself, "I don't believe in statistics. There are too many factors that can't be measured. You can't measure a ballplayer's heart." Red Auerbach, Harvard Business Review, Mar. 1987”
BMC Holliston, MA

"My son Justas, from Lithuania, was part of the Auerbach School last summer and couldn’t have been happier for the time spent there. Living facilities were great, his coaches and teammates were helpful, friendly and proved to be very beneficial to his experience at camp. It showed him a life style to be a good basketball player. The camp made a great impression on my son who is excited to return next year and bring his young brother, Rokas, who is really very intrigued but what he has learned about the history of the camp. Thank you Mr. Curley for creating an excellent and caring program." Violeta, Lithuania

"2016 was the first time our son participated in The Red Auerbach basketball camp and it was a memorable experience for him. Matthew loved the entire experience at Nichols College and talked about it for weeks afterwards. He's a better player as a result of the week he spent at Auerbach. We've noticed a new sense of confidence in him, enhanced skills and an even stronger love of the game. He will definitely be back next year. Thanks for running such a fantastic camp!"
J.R. Millis, MA


"It all started back in 2009 when our youngest son discovered the magic of the Red Auerbach basketball camp. From that point on both our sons were hooked. They have been passionate about basketball since they were youngsters. So over the years they attended numerous basketball camps. However, none quite as exceptional as the Red Auerbach camp. As they entered high school we realized the importance of attending a camp that emphasized sound fundamental basketball, hard work as well as fun was just what they needed. As a result of their attendance at the Red Auerbach camp their games and skills developed under the direction of a very professional staff. They stayed grounded because of the emphasis on hard work, character and academics. We will forever be grateful to Mr. Steve Curley and his staff for the wonderful experiences and life lessons learned. They will treasure these memories for a lifetime."

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J.D and D.D. Long Island, NY

"FYI - Both boys eventually worked camp while in college and continue to be loyal to our program!"

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