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Arnold "Red" Auerbach 1917-2006

The following are some pointers from lectures Red gave at camp a few years before his passing. They were appropriate then as they are now.  His teachings and influences will forever be a part of our school.  The School is now the legacy to Red's great name and reputation.

Excerpts from
Red's Past Lectures

We play a lot of basketball during the week school is in session. But there's a lot to learn about basketball even when you're not on the court. Don't you think you could learn something from someone with 16 NBA Championship rings?

Here are a few excerpts from some of Red's past lectures to the students:

Red on passing...
"I've been watching you guys for the last couple of days and I want you to get something firmly in your mind. REMEMBER... NO PASS IS A GOOD PASS, UNLESS SOMEONE CATCHES IT!!!! It doesn't matter how you throw it, SOMEONE BETTER CATCH IT or your ass will be on the bench- a dropped pass is the PASSERS FAULT..."






Red on Shooting...
"Let's switch to shooting. You can't hear this enough-this is a basketball, not a beach ball. The basketball has SEAMS and you should be using them every time you shoot. 95% of the great shooters have great spin on the ball. Some call it "Shooters Touch," since the right spin helps the ball go in when you don't hit dead center..."

Red on Defense...
"Let me talk about a little defense. It's ninety percent CONCENTRATION. I got my man and g*d damn it, he is NOT going to score!! I challenge my man and I concentrate on him with or without the ball. KEEP YOUR HANDS UP, YOUR BODY BACK AND YOUR WEIGHT ON THE BACK FOOT..."

This is vintage Red. He was truly special-direct and to the point. We sure miss his being here, but his philosophies and teachings go on all week.

The Camp Director's Message...
Steve Curley, our camp director, in speaking to our campers talked about the game and the attitude you should carry in your playing and your thinking. Curley made these remarks: "If you are asked if you can dribble with your off hand, your answer might be "NO!" But, you must always be ready to add, "NOT YET." Can you triple threat? "NO - - NOT YET" Can you drive the off lane and shoot with your off hand? "NO - - NOT YET" Curley believes this is an attitude you must bring to your game. He added "Always work to improve. Always work to do what you have not been able to do in order to make you a better player. If there is something you can't do - - NOW, believe that it is only a matter of "NOT YET!"

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